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Access Control

Complete access and capacity control: Say goodbye to endless lines, Access Control puts you back in control of your admissions

Speed up verification with ticket scanning, prevent fraud & track your footfall.

Access Control helps you create an intuitive, touchless experience that your attendees feel confident returning to. Adopt a highly efficient check-in process to prevent crowded areas and ensure that guests are always a safe distance from each other.
Access Control uses automatic validation to fast-track your attendees into your events.
Forget complicated setups, you can turn your mobile devices into scanners with our Access Control App.
Scan QR mobile tickets in an instant to keep the queues moving. It’s safe, easy and ultra-fast.

Validate Access With A Scan

  • Eliminate fraud
  • Speed up entry
  • View reliable real-time data
  • Setup complex entry flows
  • Optional on-site training & support
Transform the customer experience

Get Started with Impact Tickets

Set up, customise and start selling. No hidden fees.
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